What does DVR Ready and PVR Ready Mean?

This article explains exactly what DVR Ready and PVR Ready means on your new High Definition TV or Set Top Box.

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Would you like to record your TV shows?
Record live TV?
Perhaps you want to go one step further and want to pause and rewind live TV?

Ah, the convenience of being able to watch your shows at your own leisure, and fast forward those annoying ads!

Well, that is exactly what a TV that is DVR or PVR Ready can allow you to do!

To put it simply DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and PVR stands for Personal Video Recorder.

If your TV is PVR or DVR Ready, you will have the functionality to attach either a PVR Machine or a Portable USB Hard Disk Drive to your TV, and record live TV. Using the Timeshift function you will be able to pause and rewind live tv. If you are using a portable hard disk drive, you will need to use the Timeshift function on your TV, otherwise using a PVR machine it will have its own Timeshift function.

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This means we would need to purchase a separate PVR or portable hard disk drive with your PVR/DVR Ready TV to be able to record your programs, movies, documentaries and music!

You could rent to own a PVR which has an inbuilt dual High Definition Digital tuner, that is, 2 TV tuners. Which means that you can record 2 programs at the one time, whilst watching another program. You can also pause and rewind live TV. Its great, almost like the Foxtel box for free to air TV!

This is the best way to take advantage of all those new free to air channels!

If your using a portable hard disk drive to record your shows, before you go out purchasing your hard drive, be sure to check your user manual of your TV to ensure you get the right one! For instance, LG Smart TVs or Interactive TVs require the portable hard drive to have its own power supply and be at least 40GB.

Make sure to check your product manual specifications / user manual for the correct hard drive your TV requires.

The LG Massive 55" 3D LED SMART TV is PVR Ready!

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